We are aware of the financial hardship this situation will cause many people. We want you to be able to pay your bills and support your household. The church also will have to continue to take care of our expenses. As you are able please continue or even increase your charitable service and contributions for the church and those in need.

Opportunities for giving to St. James

  1. Send a check through online banking(also known as Bill Pay).
  2. Mail your donation to: St. James Church, 3801 A Avenue, Kearney, NE 68847.
  3. Use the secure drop box on the west side of Hellman, Main, Coslor & Kathol, 3519 2nd Ave. The sign in the window reads “Accepting Church Donations for St. James and Prince of Peace."
  4. Contact Lisa by phone (308-234-5536) or email ( to set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - see below for more details. If you are already enrolled, you can give an additional amount and/or adjust your scheduled giving.
  5. Donate through "WeShare" - see below for more details.
  6. Bring directly to the church during office hours or when attending Mass.

Please continue your generosity to other charities and those in need. For the Food Pantry Collection, please offer your non-perishable items directly to Prince of Peace or the Jubilee Center. Please continue our monthly collection for Habitat for Humanity and the Jubilee Center.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Email Lisa at the Parish Office!You may set up EFT through your bank. This is a scheduled withdrawal from your bank account, usually on a monthly basis, with the amount and the time of the month designated by you. Your banking information is kept in strict confidence and not on this website.

It is easy to set up, easy to change and easy to maintain your charitable church giving. The initial set up requires you to complete the EFT form and return it with a voided check in the collection basket or to the Parish Office. To authorize changes or special donations, email Lisa Sokolowski.


E-checking is also set up through your bank. This is a special EFT that can be used on an as needed basis. You can use e-checking for special collections, donations to St. James or to pay for tuition, etc. This service can be accessed through the St. James myParish app donate button or here. This requires setting up a username and password to identify yourself and ensure security. Your banking information is kept in strict confidence and not kept on this website.


Give Online with WeShareNow, it’s easy to give to St. James online, through our partnership with WeShare. WeShare is a secure online donation site used by churches and other organizations around the world to streamline the process of Sunday collections and other donations. You can route funds from your checking or savings account, or charge to your credit card. You can set up recurring payments, or make a one-time donation.

To donate via WeShare, visit

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