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After more than 150 years in Kearney, the parish of St. James has a rich history as a community of Catholic worship and an established legacy of service to the people of Kearney and the surrounding areas.

We invite our Catholic brothers and sisters, as well as visitors from other denominations, to pray and celebrate the Sacraments with us. You will be welcomed and embraced as we join together as one in the presence of God.

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Tuesday – 12:00 pm

Wednesday – 12:00 pm

Thursday – 8:15 am

Friday – 8:00 am


Saturday – 3:30-4:30 pm

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First Fridays – 8:30 am - 12:00 Noon

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Thursday -  Kearney Catholic High School Mass - 8:15 am
Friday - 8:00 am

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Our Mission

St. James parish was established in 1881 to be a sign of the presence of the Kingdom of God, to spread the Good News of the Gospel, and to minister and serve others. As Catholics, we believe in Jesus' dying and rising and in our call to celebrate the Sacraments and proclaim the Gospel.

Fishing with St. James

December 5, 2021

Urgent Call for Prayer and Fasting

Bishop Hanefeldt is giving the Diocese of Grand Island an
urgent call for prayer and fasting to protect the unborn!
“The U. S. Supreme Court is reviewing Dobbs v. Jackson
Women’s Health. Here in the Diocese of Grand Island, over the
course of these next 6 months, let us humble ourselves before the
Lord with fasting, prayer and works of charity and mercy. Let our
prayer be for the conversion of the minds and hearts of all people
in this great nation to defend and protect the personhood of every
human life from the moment of conception. Let us come before
the Lord with fasting, prayer and penance, that he might accept
our pleas and transform our minds and hearts, and to have mercy
on us!

Specifically, I invite you to:
• Pray daily for the Court to uphold the Dobbs v. Jackson
Women’s Health law in Mississippi.
• Pray frequently for the members of the Supreme Court to
exercise their responsibility as they stand before God, the Lord
and giver of life.
• Pray for your own conversion to a deeper understanding and
reverence for ALL human life.
• Each week offer some work of mercy or engage in some act
of charity in the service of human life.
• On the First Friday of each month, fast and pray the rosary
through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for
the conversion of all those who are engaged in the practice and
promotion of abortion.
• Accept suffering and hardship in your own life to make
reparation for the lives destroyed through abortion since the Roe v.
Wade Supreme Court decision in January of 1973.

Lord, hear us! Lord, have mercy on us! Lord, save your

I AM, Joseph, your brother. Fr. Joe Hannappel


Pescando con Santiago

Llamado urgente a la oración y al ayuno

¡El obispo Hanefeldt le está pidiendo a la Diócesis de Grand
Island un llamado urgente a la oración y al ayuno para proteger a
los aun no nacidos!

“La Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos está revisando
Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. Aquí en la Diócesis de Grand
Island, en el transcurso de estos próximos 6 meses, humillémonos
ante el Señor con ayuno, oración y obras de caridad y
misericordia. Que nuestra oración sea por la conversión de las
mentes y corazones de todas las personas en esta gran nación para
defender y proteger la personalidad de cada vida humana desde el
momento de la concepción. ¡Vengamos ante el Señor con ayuno,
oración y penitencia, para que acepte nuestras súplicas y
transforme nuestras mentes y corazones, y tenga misericordia de

En concreto, los invito a:
• Orar diariamente para que la Corte defienda la ley de Salud
de la Mujer de Dobbs v. Jackson en Mississippi.
• Orar con frecuencia para que los miembros de la Corte
Suprema ejerzan su responsabilidad al presentarse ante Dios, el
Señor y dador de vida.
• Orar por su propia conversión a una comprensión más
profunda y reverencia por TODA la vida humana.
• Ofrezca cada semana alguna obra de misericordia o participe
en algún acto de caridad al servicio de la vida humana.
• El primer viernes de cada mes, ayuna y recé el rosario a
través de la poderosa intercesión de la Santísima Virgen María por
la conversión de todos aquellos que se dedican a la práctica y
promoción del aborto.
• Acepte el sufrimiento y las dificultades en su propia vida para
reparar las vidas destruidas por el aborto desde la decisión de la
Corte Suprema de Roe v. Wade en enero de 1973.
¡Señor, escúchanos! ¡Señor, ten piedad de nosotros! ¡Señor,
salva a tu pueblo! "

YO SOY, José tu hermano Pd. Joe Hannappel








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