Oktoberfest 2023

Sunday, October 15, 2023, from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm, at Kearney Catholic High School.

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Oktoberfest 2023 Online Auction - bidding site

St. James will be Celebrating Oktoberfest with an Online Auction.

Our “Share St. James” online auction will be 0ctober 8th through October 15th at 1:00 pm through the generosity of Adam Marshall Auction Services. Many of us have talents that could be shared with the church. This is our time to share those talents and treasures with the rest of the parish. Whether you are donating and/or bidding, know that you are supporting our parish. Some ideas to consider donating are as follows:

Gift Cards and Certificates                          Creative Art and Practical Projects

Crafts, Sewing, Quilts, Crocheting, etc.         Gift Baskets for Children and Adults

Agricultural Products and Services               Business and Personal Products
                                                                    and Services

These are just a few ideas. Please find it in your hearts to share your talents and treasure with the rest of our church community.

The traditional drawing will be held online October 15th at 2:00 pm. A donation of $1.00 or more per ticket is suggested. The drawing tickets go towards the following prizes:

1st Prize - 2 KC Chiefs Tickets & Parking    6th Prize - Holiday Inn Staycation

2nd Prize - $500 Cash Prize                        7th Prize -  $250 Cash Prize

3rd Prize - Ariens Snow Blower                   8th Prize - $150 Groceries

4th Prize - $300 Cash Prize                         9th Prize - Meat Bundle

5th Prize -  $300 Cash Prize

Thank you again for your past and continued support of St. James as faithful stewards through your prayer, hospitality, generosity and service! Please bring in your tickets/donations to the Parish Office by Tuesday, October 3rd.

 The auction will begin on Sunday, October 8th at 12 noon and run through 1:00 pm on Sunday, October 15th. We have instructions and a listing of all the items that are on-line in the Gathering Space at the church.

*** Important Details - Payment: You will pay for your winning items directly to St. James Church on October 15th between 4:00-7:00 PM at the church when you pick up your items. Cash, or Check are accepted.

 How the auction works: In order to bid on an item, you need to register at the Adam Marshall Auction Website for the Oktoberfest auction. All of the items on the auction have staggered closing times. The items are spaced 20 seconds apart. The first item closes at 12:00 noon, the second item at 12:00 & 20 seconds, the third item at 12:00 & 40 seconds and the fourth item at 12:01. The very last item closes at 1:00 pm. Items will extend if a bid is placed on that item within the final 2 minutes. This can happen multiple times if bidders continue to bid on that item. When there are no bids on the item in the last 2 minute and the countdown clock goes to 0, the item is sold. To find your invoice: Login to the bidding website. Click Account at the top right. Then click the grey Invoices Tab. 

 May the items bring you joy while the bidding spreads our gifts in Christian fellowship.    

**In order to bid on auction items, you will need to register at the Adam Marshall Land and Auction website. Click on "LOGIN/REGISTER" in the upper right hand corner and follow directions as outlined below.

Adam Marshall Land and Auction website.

Directions outlining how to register.

Directions outlining how to bid.



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